Mary, Mother of God

In contemplating Our Lady as the Mother
of God, we remember the way she cared for Him all the hidden years in Nazareth, and we honor her as a source of grace, for she "received the Author of Life."

Who we are?

We are the Teresian Carmelites, daughters of St. Teresa of Avila, a renowned reformer, mystic, writer, teacher and an ideal Mother. At the request of her sisters who asked her to teach them about prayer she wrote sublime books on her experience of prayer thereby teaching them and accompanying them on the way of perfection.

Carmel origin is from biblical times, inhaling the spirit of prophet Elijah, whose life was always seeking the face of God in solitude and silence which .... Read more..


Cloistered nuns live a life of prayer and contemplation. It allows us the space and silence to have a deeper, richer relationship with God. Contemplation is deep and mysterious but not abstract.We live in silence, speaking when necessary.

We use our voices to sing, pray and recreate. Meals are eaten in silence while listening to the word of God or lives of the saints etc.Everyone is included in our prayers. Prayer requests come in from all sides: through e-mails, .... Read more..

Our Spirituality

The setting of the Carmelite convent encourages, nourishes and develops this simple form of prayer. This personal, silent, solitary prayer is the backbone, the whole meaning of Carmelite life. Without it, Carmel would be .... Read more..